Toxins as Environmental Triggers


Radiation is toxic to the body and triggers autoimmunity. Chernobyl, Ukraine, is a high radiation zone. According to research, 81% of children living in that area have thyroid antibodies. Is that not a catastrophe in the making? Exposure to nuclear radiation is sometimes unavoidable. People living near industries that make brominated compounds, petroleum products, and chlorinated compounds are also exposed to toxins. Often, there is little such people can do. However, they should detoxify regularly. Detoxification is not a complicated process; it only involves a strict diet.


Fluoride reduces thyroid function, inhibits thyroid receptors, and causes inflammation of the thyroid gland. All these effects trigger an autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland. But it is very hard to avoid fluoride. It is added in water supplies and in toothpaste to help reduce dental carries. Medicine encourages intake of fluoride instead of encouraging cutting sugar from the diet.

In England, there is a region that does not put fluoride in water. Studies revealed that the cases of thyroid diseases were significantly lower in this region compared to the other parts of the country.  Install a reverse osmosis system in your water supply to remove fluoride, or buy bottled water for drinking.

Personal care products

Personal care products are a leading source of toxins. These products have ingredients such as Triclosan, which is closely associated with thyroid autoimmunity. Paraben ingredients are proven to disrupt the endocrine system. If people must use these products, they require regular detoxification or use personal care products with organic ingredients. Anything put on the skin ends up in the bloodstream. Cosmetic products have different kinds of toxic ingredients, which explains why more women develop Hashimoto’s than men.

How to remove toxins

Toxicity triggers Hashimoto’s disease. People should remove toxins from the body. To help the body detoxification processes, drink lemon water. Methylfolate, a food nutrient, also helps remove toxins from the body. Hashimoto’s patients are encouraged to take detoxification diets, which are rich in antioxidants and green vegetables.


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