Top Strategies for Depression

Top hacks for thyroid-related depression

  • Blue Light

Blue light eliminates low moods creating a happy feeling during winter months and rainy days.

  • Triggers for Hashimoto’s

Triggers usually identify depression that results from thyroid dysfunction. People should always look at their food sensitivities and consider a balanced diet. Individuals are likely to experience a significant change in symptoms when they avoid foods, which cause sensitivity. Thyroid antibodies will also decrease. A gluten free diet can be the starting point. There are, however, a wide range of other factors that trigger the Hashimotos’ such as toxins, stress, and infections.

To know the depression symptoms, one should test the thyroid hormone levels and normalize the numbers. Eliminating the triggers can also have a critical impact on the healing process.

  • Food Sensitivities

Most individuals with subclinical hypothyroidism usually stabilize their thyroid function after changing their diet. It is a fact that 71% of patients who were gluten free normalized their condition while 19% reported to having normalized their thyroid antibodies. This is according to an Italian research that focused on individuals with subclinical hypothyroidism and gluten free diet.

The issue concerning gluten is not new. Endocrinologists point that Synthroid and Levoxyl dosage increase as the thyroid continues to burn out. However, patients should test for other autoimmune diseases, as they can also become triggers.

People should always undergo testing for food sensitivities to establish their status. Even though the cost can be quite high, testing, and treatment can assist eliminate pain associated with thyroid disorders. In most cases, patients should go for food sensitivity tests to establish whether they are gluten free, dairy free, check for bloating, check for their acid reflux, IBS, and stomach pains.

The commonly known food sensitivities include; dairy, gluten, soy, grains, peppers, nightshades, and seeds. Individuals are likely to have not more than two sensitivities. More than one can indicate an infection.


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