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Why The Thyroid Secret CriticismLacks A Solid Foundation

I welcome healthy criticism when it is well founded and substantiated. However, in the case of The Thyroid Secret criticism that is occasionally put forth, there is little solid foundation for this criticism to stand upon. The Thyroid Secret is a powerful compilation of critical and vital information relating to a serious and growing thyroid disease problem in this country. Those who experience the telltale signs of thyroid disease including brain fog, excessive weight gain and excessive hair loss would agree that The Thyroid Secret has incredible value in terms of the information that it offers.

Personally, I was diagnosed with something known as Hashimoto’s. When this happened my only concern in life was to regain my health and to feel good again. After a long and challenging journey, my health has returned and now I feel great. Now my main objective is to help other people reclaim their health by better understanding thyroid disease and how to deal with this debilitating condition. Any Thyroid Secret criticism that lacks solid scientific basis is simply not valid.

What is perhaps most important to understand is that major contributing factors to thyroid illness, disease and problems can usually attributed to environmental conditions. What this means is that the food that we are eating as well as the air that we are breathing and even the water we drink all have an impact on the human thyroid system. What is even more concerning or alarming is that women are generally more susceptible than children and men to this very problematic disease.

With chronic thyroid disease even sexual drive and sexual performance are affected. Intense anxiety as well as deep depression and uncontrollable panic attacks can ensue when thyroid disease goes unchecked. That is why the information I’ve made available through The Thyroid Secret is essential in helping so many people regain a more normal way of life. Thyroid disease can interfere with school, work and family life. All said, the fact that The Thyroid Secret criticism often lacks solid foundation must always be taken into account and carefully considered.