The Adrenal Connection

Type II Diabetes and the Thyroid often have a connection and the adrenal gland, which is found on top of the kidney, is believed to be their common denominator. The adrenal gland releases adrenaline which signals the body to go into fight or flight mode.

Other than adrenaline, the adrenal also produces cortisol which plays an important role in one’s body. Although it leads to an increase in weight, one can’t do without it. The cortisol is released in the following instances;

  • When there’s inflammation due to chronic infections, the adrenal releases cortisol since it has anti-inflammatory effects. It acts as a natural way of calming the body from inflammation.
  • It also aids in managing the blood sugar levels. This is the greatest connection between endocrine system, thyroid, adrenals and stress response.

However, there is a difference between low thyroid function and low adrenal function. One may have an adrenal problem yet the symptoms may look like those of a thyroid condition. It is therefore recommended that one should go for the Adrenal Saliva Test.

A patient with adrenal dysfunction discovered the condition after taking the adrenal saliva test despite claims by some medical practitioners that the condition is nonexistent. There are various stages of adrenal dysfunction depending on various lab companies. There may be excess cortisol, cortisol found all over the body or inadequate cortisol.

Majority of the patients suffer from stage three where they lack sufficient cortisol. These patients find it hard to even wake up and they feel good at around 9pm up to midnight. One of the ways of managing this condition is by getting the adrenals to produce adequate cortisol by supporting them to enhance adrenal balance.

Conventional medicine doesn’t recognize cortisol in as much as it acts as a wake-me-up hormone. It is advisable that people with adrenal conditions should work with someone who is well trained and open-minded.


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