Overview of conventional treatments of thyroid disease

Most people prefer natural remedies for thyroid disease. However, thyroid disease medication ingredients are natural hormones that are supposed to decrease TSH levels, thereby reducing the activity of the thyroid gland. This way, the drugs reduce the formation of thyroid antibodies. Such drugs are effective in treating Hashimoto’s.

High levels of TSH result in an overworked thyroid gland. Too much thyroid activity causes hyperthyroidism and is a recipe for autoimmune attacks. Medication conceals the thyroid gland from the immune system. Patients under these medications register low levels of thyroid antibodies after a short period.


Some time ago, when thyroid disorders were considered rare, Levothyroxine was prescribed to thyroiditis patients. Doctors were convinced thyroid disease was that easy to treat. But the reality is different. More effective forms of treatment are needed, especially considering the increasing prevalence of thyroid disorders.

In the recent years, Synthroid is the drug of choice for thyroid disorders. It is an artificial hormone that lowers the TSH levels to make the thyroid invisible to the immune system. Synthroid works for most people and will actually make most thyroid disease symptoms go away.

But not all patients or thyroid conditions respond to Synthroid as is expected. Synthroid contains T4 hormone, which is an inactive form of the T3 hormone. Some people cannot convert T4 to T3 efficiently. Such people cannot benefit from the drug.

All hope is not lost for such patients as they can take a compounded thyroid medication (a drug with both T3 and T4 hormones) or medication with naturally desiccated thyroid hormone. These drugs have the active hormone: patients start enjoying the effect immediately. Other medicines that help are WP Thyroid and Armour.

But these drugs address the symptoms of thyroid disease without solving the real issue, which autoimmune attacks. Because they do not address the root of the problem, the patient may suffer an autoimmune attack later after taking these medications. In the case of Hashimoto’s doctors should try and prevent the immune system from attacking the thyroid gland.


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