What If my medication aren’t working?

Thyroid medication might not be working because of absorption problems caused by gut infections or lactose intolerance. Lactose or corn might be part of the ingredients of thyroid medication. Patients with lactose intolerance will have problems absorbing such medicine. However, a few patients have trouble absorbing Tirosint, a type of thyroid medication.

So the medication is not working? Does it have any of the following ingredients?

  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Lactose

Thyroid medications are not popular. For this reason, many conventional doctors are not well-versed with their ingredients. With thyroid disorders, it is best for one to work with naturopathic, functional, or an integrative physician. Also, a compounding pharmacist might recommend doctors who prescribe un-conventional thyroid medication such as Naturethroid. Such a doctor is likely to be open minded and explorative enough to know the ingredients of thyroid medication. When it comes to thyroid health, people have to be proactive and open to all safe avenues of treatment.

What is the correct dose of thyroid medication?

For thyroid medication to work, it should be prescribed in the right dosage. Doctors prescribe thyroid hormones in quantities as small as one thousandth of a microgram. If one takes too much thyroid medication, or too little, unpleasant side effects will follow. Too much of these medications may result in weight gain, increased heart beat rate, hair loss, infertility, anxiety, and irritability.

Thyroid disease patients either have an underactive thyroid or an overactive thyroid. An underactive thyroid’s symptoms develop gradually. On the other hand, an overactive thyroid’s symptoms manifest almost immediately and include health issues as severe as heart palpitations. Heart palpitations could be a sign of Grave’s disease, or they could be caused by an incorrect dosage of thyroid medication.

Thyroid medication dosage is about finding that sweet spot that works for a given patient. Finding that sweet spot might take up to 6 weeks.


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