You Don’t Have To Be On Medication Forever?

According to conventional medicine, once a patient is on thyroid medication, they need it forever. But, some alternative medicine practitioners and functional doctors believe that thyroid conditions are reversible. A doctor might say that Hashimoto’s disease is untreatable and only gets worse, but that is not necessarily true. Recent statistics indicate that at some point, 20% of thyroid patients will not need medication. Does it get any better?

The secret is finding out the environmental triggers and dealing with them. These trigger conditions include food sensitivities, leaky gut, blood glucose level fluctuations, deficiency of some nutrients, adrenal stress, and much more. Addressing these issues reduces the dosage of T3 drugs and even the need for these drugs altogether.

The journey to a medicationfree life

The journey to a medication-free life starts by identifying the cause of the autoimmune attack and controlling it. In life, problems only go away if their causes are dealt with. Thyroiditis is the same; one can only heal if they solve the cause of the autoimmunity.

The next step should be taking a thyroid antibodies test. Patients should take the necessary measures to reduce the thyroid antibodies to a figure below 35. One can only be sure that they are controlling the autoimmunity if the antibodies count decreases. There is no point reducing medication if the numbers are not improving.

A selenium supplement is a good idea. Selenium reduces hydrogen peroxide, which is a byproduct of thyroid hormone synthesis. Hydrogen peroxide causes oxidative stress, which triggers an immune response to the thyroid gland. Selenium also reduces thyroid antibodies. 200 mg of selenium can reduce the antibodies by 50% in a span of three months.

Gradually reducing the thyroid medication is the best course of action. Reduce the dosage, then test thyroid antibodies to confirm that the body has adequately compensated. The focus should be reducing autoimmunity by identifying its cause.


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